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Athens Sofa

Overall Dimensions: 78”l x 36”d x 26.5”h
Our newest piece the “Athens” is our first piece with truly democratized pricing. We have worked hard to come up with a design that more people can afford. This price includes our base fabric of organic cotton twill, certified organic natural latex, and Eco® Wool. It contains no chemical flame retardants. And you can upgrade to our other fabrics as well.

Price : $1995.00* Includes Fabric

Shipping Not Included.

This has an ample inside seat depth of 26” and is loungy and very comfortable. The seat can be made firm, or with a medium density for a softer feel. Perfect as a starter sofa for families, and long enough for a person up to 6 foot 4 to lay down on for a nap. The back is also high enough to be supportive for reading or watching television. We can make this piece on wheels so it can be moved across the floor to create floor space for children’s games or dance parties.

Athens Sofa $1995.00 includes natural cotton twill fabric.
(throw pillows sold separately)

• Locking wheels an additional $60.00 for one set.

Cotton Twill

Composition: 100% natural cotton twill
Width: 64″
Weight: 10 oz
Certification: GOTS
Abrasion: 23,000 WZ
Upholstery Grade: Heavy Duty
USES: Perfect for upholstery.
Cleaning: Professional green cleaning recommended if used on a frame.


Cotton Twill

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